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Update : 02/05/2002

Going on 35 weeks and this guy is going from strength to strength. For two days now Ayden has been getting two feeds a day straight from Moms boobies! and methinks he's having fun! 

Zac and Ayden are now positioned close together again and both are weighing in the 1.8+ Kg region

Update : 21/04/2002

33 Weeks old today. And what an amazing 5 weeks it has been. 

Ayden is doing considerably well.  He was on an antibiotic for a while because he had developed a slight fever.  This is quite normal at his age and the antibiotic was used as a preventative measure.  Ayden still gets tired when breathing without assistance and needs a bit of oxygen now and then.  But mostly he is breathing unassisted.  He now weighs in at an amazing 1,540g and is looking taller too.

 His milk intake is 11ml per hour.  This is definitely aiding him in his weight gain.  Also he does seem to be sleeping a lot more.  This is why he is growing so well.

Update : 14/04/2002

Ayden is progressing very well his last respiration tubes have been removed and we can finally see his face (sort of . . see the Photo Album). He is in the region of 1.35Kg and I don't think it will be long before he gets his milk straight from the source . . . . .MOM!!!!

Aydens History