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Aydens History
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Update : 04/21/02

Ayden is doing well and is now off all drips and special medication.

Update : 07/04/2002

He was recently taken off CPAP ( mask as seen on picture ) respiration and moved onto the Nasal prongs.  He was also moved from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to the High Care Unit.  We envisage Ayden breathing unassisted as soon as his little body is ready. 

He is fed ( intravenously) at 10ml breast milk every hour.  He has gained weight from 1,050kg at birth to a current 1,210kg.  It is true what they say... Breast is best....

Update : 08/04/2002

This little man is now off assisted respiration and is exercising those lungs himself.  This is a trial period for him and his progress will determine whether he will be kept off the Nasal prongs. 

Ayden has truly lived up to his name, which means 'The Fiery One'.  He is still being Kangaroo'ed (see insert of us )  by his Mommy on a daily basis.  He has also increased his weight by another 30g today.  His weight now totals 1240g.

Update : 10/04/2002

Ayden increased his weight by another 70g.  He missed out on his Kangaroo session today but his Mommy cannot wait to make this up to him tomorrow.  Ayden receives 10,5ml breast milk every hour.  No wonder this little guy is growing so fast. 

The Doctor started him on some Vitamin D  and Phosphate supplements. This is quite normal (according to the Nursing staff ) and aids his bone mass in the growing process. 

Ayden's progress has been very satisfactory.  Weaning him off the oxygen will mean I can start breastfeeding soon.  What a wonderful occasion that will be....!