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ZAC - Meaning :  REMEMBERED BY GOD....

Update : 02/05/2002

Close to 35 Weeks old today and Zac's saga  continues. The shunt draining process went well as the doctors achieved what they set out to initially. The shunt was removed yesterday and depending on how Zac progresses, the doctors expect to insert a permanent shunt in next week. We are still praying that this may not be necessary (Join us?).

Zac and Ayden are now positioned close together again and both are weighing in the 1.8+ Kg region, (close to doubling their birth weight) with Zac being closer to 2Kg's, thanks to 12.5ml of EBM (Expressed Beast Milk). They are both completely off oxygen assistance, so we can see (and show you) their faces clearly now for the first time. 

Update : 21/04/2002

Has it only been 5 weeks ?  It feels like we, as parents, have lived a lifetime since Zac and Ayden's birth.

The developments of the past week has been especially difficult.  Zac had an minor operation due to a condition he had developed when he was a week old.  A 'reservoir shunt' was inserted just under the skin on his head.  This was to aid the draining process of the excess fluid on his brain.  We spent lots of time praying for this procedure to be a success based on how unstable his condition was previously.  

Well we are pleased to announce that the operation was a huge success.  The 'shunt' was done and Zac maintained his stability during and after the operation.  God was there to watch over our boy when we couldn't.  

Zac has been doing very well since then.  On Thursday his A-line (a line used for drawing blood) was removed.  Then another surprise... On Saturday morning a wonderful sight awaited us.  He was promoted to the 'nasal tongs'.  His vitals were good and his breath rate was much better, even though this is just a trial period.  It made our hearts soar.  For the first time since his birth we could see his face clearly.  My heart swelled with the love for a Gracious and wonderful God and for such wonderful gifts... Our Sons...    

Update : 14/04/2002

My baby Zac is still in the stable region but very restless and crying often (related to his traumatic birth). He is still on CPAP respiration and his feeds have increased from 1ml a couple of days ago for a healthy 5ml every two hours. Because Zac moves around a lot his oxygen requirements are not stable (but under control). 

So  . . . .Zac is making progress but not as fast as Mom and Dad would like.

Lots of Prayer for Zacs full recovery still needed. . . .

Zac's History