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Zac's History
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Update :  01/04/2002

Zac is still battling to maintain stability. Worldwide prayer requests send out and received.

Update:  07/04/2002

Zac is considerably more stable now.  His blood pressure is being maintained , not by machines, but by his own little body. Prayer changes everything !  Our heartfelt THANKS to everyone that has been praying for our "little Angel".  Your prayers have surely helped to move the Hand of God !  We are still continuing to pray for Zac and for his complete Healing...  

Update:  08/04/2002

Zac's respiration levels has improved so much that the Doctor's are considering taking him off the Ventilators and 'upgrading' him to the CPAP (same mask Ayden used).  This is definitely a step up for Zac as he is  breathing on his own while attached to the ventilators. The Nurses refer to it as 'breathing against the ventilators...'

His intestinal workings seem to be improving as his 'bowel movements' was cause for concern at one stage.  We will surely be stocking up on more nappies soon ! 
This little guy was not ready to have strange things inserted in unmentionable places...(We're talking about  suppositories ....) as Boeta Rae would've said... "Forget it Bud !"

Overall Zac is still quite sick but stable... Thanks again for the countless prayers and well wishes.  We ask that you keep praying for his Complete Healing...

Update:  10/04/2002

It was quite an exciting day for little Zac.

This afternoon I had the privilege to hold my son for the first time after his birth.  What an amazing experience !  I was totally overwhelmed ! 

He was moved off the Ventilators and put onto the CPAP around 8 o'clock this morning.  They also reintroduced his feeds at 1ml every four hours.  His body has been adjusting well to the breast milk and they might increase his intake to 2ml tomorrow.

Overall Zac's progress has been amazing... We really serve an Awesome God ... He made all this possible.  Thank you very much for all the continuous praying ... it has really moved the Hand of God !